List of vacancies
for service personnel
on European river cruise ships

The following is a description of the vacancies
Management Department/
Front office Department
Hotel Manager – 2500€ - 3200€
Purser/Head receptionist – 1300€ -1700€
Hotel Manager
The quality and success of a cruise relies heavily on the Hotel Manager, an exceptional leader who leads by example and provides a highly effective work culture for a diverse team.
As the head of all departments in the hotel division, the Hotel Manager provides day-to-day operational guidance and direction and maximizes financial returns.
With a focus on guests and service, he or she is responsible for achieving hotel profitability through revenue generation, cost and quality control, and ensuring exceptional guest and team satisfaction.
The Hotel Manager not only ensures passengers have a great vacation, but also creates a pleasant work environment for the crew.

for the candidate
for the position
Hotel Manager:
  • several years of experience as a Hotel Manager;
  • fluency in German and English, both written and verbally;
  • ability to motivate the team to perform tasks better, setting their own performance as an example to them,
  • excellent administrative and logistical skills;
  • experience working on cruise ships is an advantage;
  • knowledge of any other languages would also be considered an advantage.

Hotel Manager:
  • manage all hotel operations in accordance with company standards;
  • manage and motivate the crew, paying special attention to department heads;
  • supervise general administrative affairs;
  • manage the budget;
  • create a pleasant work environment for the entire crew;
  • implement service procedures and ensure exceptional service and maximum guest satisfaction at all times;
  • arrange and conduct check-in and check-out;
  • Collaborate with the Maritime Department and company offices.

The Purser is the person who interacts with guests, manages reception and liaises with the Hotel Manager.
Purser are highly professional in manners and appearance and handle stressful situations with grace.
They also demonstrate strong organizational and management skills, and adjust daily cruise and crew schedules as needed, as well as handle financial matters, including onboard sales and passenger accounts.
In addition, Purser handles responsibility well and is responsible for crew and guest documentation and passports as needed.

for the candidate
for the position
  • fluent knowledge of German and English;
  • excellent organizational skills and a strong sense of responsibility;
  • communicator effectiveness with good interpersonal skills;
  • experience on board a ship is a distinct advantage for this position;
  • knowledge of French is also a plus.

  • provide guidance and training to the entire hospitality team;
  • liaise with and assist the Hotel Manager in all administrative matters;
  • manage crew schedules and the provision of tasks;
  • accurate passenger billing, accounting, and preparation of appropriate reports;
  • organize and ensure efficient and smooth guest check-in and check-out procedures in accordance with company guidelines;
  • handle passenger and crew documents and passports correctly and responsibly;
  • offer support for customs inspection on Black Sea cruises.

The Receptionist is primarily responsible for assisting Purser in planning future cruises, as well as preparing and processing passenger bills and accounts.
They provide onboard concierge services, assisting passengers
with logistical and travel information.
They are proactive, providing quick responses to guest inquiries and concerns.
The Receptionist handles a variety of tasks with ease, such as managing the store and handling in-flight wellness orders. Friendliness, organizational skills and a professional appearance are integral to this role.

for the candidate
for the position
  • fluency in English and German;
  • goodwill with exceptional interpersonal skills;
  • well-groomed and professional appearance;
  • flexibility and ability to help with a variety of tasks;
  • ability to remain calm in stressful situations and to diffuse tension politely;
  • strong communication and organizational skills;
  • knowledge of other languages will be a personal advantage;
  • experience in positions such as Purser, Front Desk Agent, Front Desk Clerk, Front Office Lead, Front Office Assistant or Host.

  • liaise with the Cruise Director to provide information on itineraries and stops for passengers;
  • provide in-flight concierge services, including information on transportation, points of interest, etc. ;
  • assist with various tasks, such as booking in-flight massages and hair salons, and managing the in-flight store as needed;
  • assist Purser in the preparation and management of passenger accounts.

Restaurant Department
Maître d' Hotel – 1700€ -1900€
Head Waiter – 1800€ -1900€
Restaurant Waiter – 1500€ -1700€
Maître d' Hotel
Maître d 'Hotel ensures that the first impression the restaurant's guests receive is a positive one and that the service they receive will consistently exceed their expectations.
Maître d 'Hotel leads an international team and motivates it to consistently provide guests with 5-star service.
Maître d 'Hotel is able to overcome crises and remain calm in a climate of pressure.
Together with his team, Maître d 'Hotel creates an impeccable stay for his guests.

for the candidate
for the position
Maître d' Hotel:
  • several years of experience as a Maitre d';
  • ability to communicate fluently in German and English;
  • ability to communicate with all guests in the restaurant in style;
  • have supervisory skills;
  • conflict resolution skills;
  • ability to help with various F&B events on board;
  • candidates with cruise experience will be a priority.

Maître d' Hotel:
  • be responsible for the overall service of the restaurant;
  • ensure that the appearance of the restaurant (waiters, tables, napkins and tablecloths, silverware, dishes) meets 5-star service standards;
  • lead an international service team;
  • mentoring and on-the-job training of new team members;
  • avoid excessive inventory and keep operating costs within established limits;
  • make sure that all employees are familiar with sanitary rules and regulations.

Head Waiter
The Head Waiter is passionate about providing first-class service and does his best to give guests personalized attention.
Guests from different cultures will enjoy interacting with a courteous and genuinely friendly waiter, who knows the menu perfectly and can help with food and wine choices.
Head Waiter anticipates the needs of the passengers and ensures that each guest has an exceptional dining experience.

for the candidate
for the position
Head Waiter:
  • in-depth knowledge of the service industry;
  • a couple of years of service in similar positions;
  • ability to communicate in English and German;
  • willingness to take responsibility;
  • candidates with fluent German language skills are preferred;
  • knowledge of other languages would be an advantage.

Head Waiter:
  • make tables according to standards;
  • serve passengers to the highest standards;
  • offer specific dishes and wines;
  • kindly provide answers to any questions guests may have about menu items and wine offerings;
  • attend training sessions with supervisors and continue to improve skills and service levels.

Restaurant Waiter
Restaurant Waiter will provide international guests with impeccable and efficient service and will always be attentive to their needs and wishes, exceeding the expectations of guests with the quality of their service.
Attentiveness, positive attitude and constant politeness are the key characteristics of Restaurant Waiter.
They work well under difficult conditions and remain friendly in all situations.
They communicate effectively with the rest of the team and the kitchen, ensuring that guests receive prompt and accurate service.
Restaurant Waiter is always willing to do whatever it takes to "make the day" for their guests.

for the candidate
for the position
Restaurant Waiter:
  • at least 1-2 years of experience as a waiter;
  • ability to communicate fluently in English and German with guests;
  • candidates who speak other languages (French, Italian) are an advantage.

Restaurant Waiter:
  • provide careful and attentive service to guests;
  • to comply with sanitation and management's instructions;
  • serve Captain's Welcome during afternoon tea and cocktail parties as directed by the management;
  • greet passengers upon arrival.

Bar Department
Barkeeper – 1600€ -1900€
Bar Waiter – 1500€ -1800€
Knowing their guests by name, remembering their benefits and anticipating their needs, Bartender or Barkeep strives to make the guest experience on board a memorable one.
They are knowledgeable about the bar menu, know how to mix a wide variety of high quality drinks with a wide range of cocktails, and have a great understanding of what their guests will enjoy.
The Bartender is a good salesperson, inspiring guests to discover new alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and enjoy their favorites.
They oversee impeccable service in the bar area and work well with the rest of the team to ensure guests always receive prompt and personalized service.

for the candidate
for the position
  • experience in increasing sales of cold and hot drinks;
  • wide cocktail repertoire from classic to trendy;
  • good knowledge of English and German;
  • ability to teach bar waiters how to recommend, prepare, serve and fill drinks to guests and how to bill properly;
  • friendly manners;
  • candidates with cruise experience will be a priority.

  • management of the entire on-board beverage service and complete bar inventory;
  • leading the bar team and, together with the Hotel Manager, shaping the working hours of this staff;
  • conducting a beverage inventory after each cruise and a bar inventory once a month;
  • making sure that there are always enough drinks in the various bars on board.

Bar Waiter
Bar Waiter prides itself on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for passengers.
They communicate well with international guests and are well-versed in the beverage menu.
They can find out passengers' tastes and help them make choices, trying their best to exceed their guests' expectations.
The Bar Waiter maintains all standards of hygiene and keeps the bar area spotless.
A tidy appearance and always friendly manners characterize the Bar Waiter and they work effectively with the rest of the team to provide a five-star level of service at all times.

for the candidate
for the position
Bar Waiter:
  • several years of experience in a similar position;
  • ability to communicate in English and German;
  • good knowledge of the wine/bar list and the types of wines and drinks.
Bar Waiter:
  • serve guests with courtesy;
  • ensure that the station intended for you meets corporate and hygienic standards;
  • confidently explain and recommend choices to guests;
  • follow the bartender's instructions and make sure all guests are greeted and seated upon entering the bar;
  • attend meetings with supervisors regarding work or ship life;
  • always neatly clean guest tables and bar counters.

Housekeeping Department
Executive Housekeeper – 1450€ -1750€
Cabin Steward - 1400€
Laundry attendant – 1500€
Executive Housekeeper
The ability to provide direction, support and guidance to their team and coordinate housekeeping and laundry is what sets the Executive Housekeeper apart.
Their priority is to ensure impeccable cleanliness in staterooms and all public areas and to perform textile repairs in a timely manner.
The Executive Housekeeper demonstrates professionalism and excellent communication skills and is a good role model for subordinates.
They can calmly solve problems and ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

for the candidate
for the position
Executive Housekeeper:
  • at least 3 years of experience in the housekeeping department;
  • experience as a housekeeper;
  • good sense of cleanliness;
  • supervisory skills;
  • good knowledge of English and German;
  • experience working on ships is a plus.

Executive Housekeeper:
  • control of operations and direct personnel in the housekeeping department;
  • equally divide the cleaning of cabins, lobbies, restrooms, corridors, reception, railings, glass windows, chandeliers, and decorative flowers;
  • check designated areas to make sure standards are met;
  • check and order supplies (linens, towels, chemicals);
  • fulfill follow-up repair and service requests

Cabin Steward or Stewardess
Cabin Steward or Stewardess ensure that their assigned areas are kept spotlessly clean and comfortable, as well as ensure cabin privacy and security.
As someone who has a tremendous impact on the comfort of passengers on board, Cabin Steward takes pride in their work and strives to provide passengers with the highest level of comfort and hospitality.
Friendly and sociable with guests, they will always be aware of their preferences and wishes.

for the candidate
for the position
Cabin Steward:
  • experience as a maid in a 4-5 star hotel serving an international clientele;
  • ability to communicate in English and German;
  • European qualification in housekeeping or completed education is an advantage;
  • experience on a ship is better, but not necessary.

Cabin Steward:
  • clean cabins and public areas (elevators, stairs, reception, toilets, corridors) as designated by the Executive Housekeeper;
  • extra towels, liquid soap, toilet paper, paper napkins;
  • adhere to corporate standards of hygiene and health and follow procedures for cleaning all areas (mirrors, wall tiles, doors, floors);
  • use chemicals consciously.

Laundry Attendant
The Laundry Attendant is a hard worker who pays attention to detail, making sure that linens in the lounge and passenger laundry are delivered on time and returned spotlessly clean and neat. They also play a vital role in ensuring that the restaurant's cooperation with the laundry is seamless.
They are sensitive to the needs of the passengers and always work in a professional and friendly manner.
The Laundry Attendant works well both independently and as part of a team. In addition, they monitor the cleanliness of the laundry room and adhere to all standards of hygiene and safety.

for the candidate
for the position
Laundry Attendant:
  • previous laundry experience in a hotel is better, but not required;
  • ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and adhere to established standards;
  • a well-groomed appearance and attention to detail;
  • polite personality.

Laundry Attendant:
  • sort, wash, dry, iron, compose, and pack guest linens;
  • laundry: linens, towels, and bathrobes;
  • know how to use the necessary equipment;
  • Inspect restaurant laundry and passengers' clothing for stains and adhere to procedures for removing them, using chemicals consciously;
  • maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and organization throughout the work area;
  • keep floors, washers and dryers, filters, and irons clean.

Galley Department
Executive Сhef – 2400€ -3000€
Sous Chef – 1500€ -2100€
Cook – 1200€ -1600€
Pastry Cook – 1500€ -1800€
Baker – 1100€ -1500€
Dishwasher (Utility) – 750€ -900€
Executive Сhef
Executive Chefs create culinary magic!
They demonstrate their knowledge not only of current food trends, but also in traditional regional dishes, developing recipes that guests desire .
People management skills and extensive knowledge of food and menus set Executive Chefs apart.
They maintain an efficient system of administration, supervise and train the team in the galley to deliver a great menu to the passengers.
They make sure the food presentation is appealing and promote a guest-centered service culture within their team.
In addition, they interact easily with guests and conduct culinary demonstrations as needed.

for the candidate
for the position
Executive Сhef:
  • several years of experience as a chef or in a similar position (traveling chef, chef, head chef, kitchen director, kitchen manager);
  • excellent knowledge of international gastronomy and current food trends;
  • ability to follow procedures to reduce wastage in food ordering, storage and handling;
  • leadership skills and ability to supervise a hard-working team with a solution-oriented outlook;
  • good knowledge of German and English;
  • ability to train culinary staff;
  • creativity and commitment to excellence;
  • pleasant and polite personality.
  • previous experience on a cruise ship will be an advantage.

Executive Сhef:
  • lead a team of chefs and motivate them to provide high standards;
  • develop inspiring seasonal menus prepared with the highest quality and seasonally appropriate local products;
  • ensure quality menu cycles for each cruise and high efficiency and productivity;
  • efficiently manage inventory and accurately order necessary supplies;
  • conduct cooking demonstrations on board and share recipes with guests;
  • organize and conduct special events and F&B functions;
  • ensure that equipment is used properly and safety and sanitation standards are followed;
  • make sure the galley crew is in clean and tidy uniforms.

Sous Chef
Sous Chef is a highly organized culinary specialist and prides itself on producing high-quality, seasonal and local food that will delight passengers.
They are very hands-on, working closely with Executive Chefs to ensure smooth galley operations.
Sous Chef prepares the highest quality meals for both passengers and crew members.
In addition, this role requires a positive attitude and the ability to train the galley crew as needed.
In addition, Sous Chef ensures that health and safety standards and procedures are followed and that food waste is kept to a minimum.

for the candidate
for the position
Sous Chef:
  • culinary talent with a chef's degree;
  • previous experience in a comparable position in restaurants, hotels or cruise ships;
  • ability to move seamlessly between different kitchen sections, from cold cooking to hot food production;
  • willingness to take responsibility for the absence of Executive Chefs;
  • good knowledge of budgets;
  • ability to work in a team;
  • good knowledge of English.

Sous Chef:
  • assist Executive Chefs in general kitchen operations;
  • prepare and prepare menu items for passengers and crew members;
  • ensure a high level of food quality while minimizing waste;
  • assist in controlling food costs;
  • adherence to stock control and storage procedures;
  • ensure that all food preparation equipment is used safely and properly, and that it is cleaned and maintained;
  • project a positive and motivated attitude among co-workers.

Commis de Cuisine
The role of the Commis de Cuisine is to prepare hot meals for the ship's guests and crew members.
Commis de Cuisine is always professional-looking, courteous to guests and teammates, organized and hygienic in their work.
This allows them to maintain a good working relationship and promote maximum guest satisfaction.
In addition, Commis de Cuisine is versatile, with the ability to provide assistance at various galley stations.

for the candidate
for the position
Commis de Cuisine:
  • versatility in all sections of the galley;
  • priority of quality;
  • knowledge of the English language;
  • ability to work in a team;
  • willingness to learn and desire for an international career.

Commis de Cuisine:
  • help prepare ingredients to provide quality cuisine and create wonderful meals for guests;
  • take responsibility for the work assigned to you in the various galley stations;
  • perform a variety of cuts and cooking methods;
  • keep all work areas clean and free of cross-contamination.

Pastry Chef
Committed to their craft, with a wide repertoire of pastries, cakes and other desserts, Pastry Chef makes sure that every sweet tooth on board is satisfied.
They are inventive, creating light, refreshing and intriguing desserts.
They know flavors enhance or complement each other and can bring a savory twist to desserts.
Their role is to work accurately and quickly, drawing attention to the appealing presentation of the dessert.

for the candidate
for the position
Pastry Chef:
  • confectionary specialist;
  • experience in a similar role as pastry chef, pastry chef, cake designer, cake decorator, baker, pastry chef (in German: Patissier, Konditor, Konditorin);
  • competence in preparing and displaying various desserts: mousses and meringues, ice cream and sorbets, cookies, pastry, cupcakes and Danishes, cake layers, pastry cream and dessert sauces;
  • use different colors and shapes to create attractive dessert products;
  • knowledge of pleasing contrasts of texture and temperature in carbonated desserts;
  • ability to work in a team;
  • ability to communicate in English;
  • ability to communicate with guests while demonstrating dessert preparation;
  • International experience is an advantage.

Pastry Chef:
  • making and baking doughs, fillings, creams, and sauces using proper techniques;
  • assemble desserts and present baked goods, desserts, tea cakes and buffets to passengers and crew with international standards;
  • create exciting new desserts to update menus and attract guest interest;
  • maintain company quality standards and suggest improvements;
  • share recipes with guests during onboard cooking demonstrations;
  • participate in food loading with other crew members.
Baker is passionate about his craft and highly skilled at creating wonderful handmade breads, scones, muffins and cookies - all made from the finest ingredients - for cruise ship guests and crew members.
They are friendly and courteous and can show off their baking talents to guests or share recipes with them if needed.
The Baker is a hard-working team player, able to take orders from their superiors.
They must work in an organized, efficient and hygienic manner and be able to support the team in various functions.

for the candidate
for the position
  • baking specialist with professional bakery qualifications;
  • Baker experience in restaurants, hotels or cruise ships;
  • ability to communicate effectively with Executive Chefs and other team members in English;
  • understanding of cost and quality;
  • self-motivation, dependability and creativity.

  • preparing bread, rolls, muffins, and cookies for guests and crew members;
  • helps avoid food waste;
  • conducting bakery demonstrations for guests in accordance with the daily program;
  • carefully handling appropriate equipment and machinery in the galley;
  • assist in loading food, beverages.

It's a chance to join the highly efficient galley team!
Working with speed and precision, the Dishwasher plays a vital role in keeping the galley running on time.
They handle time pressures well and are hard workers who adhere to all necessary hygiene and health and safety rules and procedures.
They ensure that the galley crew has a clean and sanitary kitchen for constant work, as well as the versatility to handle other operations, such as loads.

for the candidate
for the position
  • good knowledge of English;
  • ability to follow company procedures;
  • awareness of environmental regulations;
  • ability to work reliably and with discipline;
  • a well-groomed and tidy appearance;
  • calm demeanor toward staff, officers, and passengers.

  • keeping the entire galley and crew clean after breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • handle equipment and appliances in the galley with care;
  • measure and handle detergents with care;
  • provide trash removal;
  • service during product loading.

Auxiliary Services Department
Massage Therapist - 1100€
Shopkeeper & Hairdresser – 1800€
Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist is a licensed professional who consults with clients to assess needs and provide Swedish Massage, Aromatic Massage and Reflexology services with a consistent professional demeanor.
They know how to create the appropriate atmosphere for cruise guests, providing a holistic wellness experience.
With their knowledge and expertise in various massage techniques, they are able to identify guests' needs and sell their massage services.
The Massage Therapist assists guests in achieving their wellness goals during the cruise.
They also have a general knowledge of exercise and provide short daily workouts to improve guests' overall well-being and fitness levels.

for the candidate
for the position
Massage Therapist:
  • experience in similar positions as a massage therapist, licensed massage therapist, spa therapist, sports massage therapist or clinical massage therapist;
  • experience in a variety of massage techniques, especially Swedish massage, aromatic massage and reflexology;
  • client-oriented, friendly and professional approach;
  • ability to communicate in German and English;
  • ability to create the right atmosphere in the massage room, including soothing music, soft lighting or aromatic oils.

Massage Therapist:
  • offer clients types of massage according to their needs;
  • perform quality therapeutic work for clients to improve circulation, promote relaxation and relieve tension, pain and trauma;
  • make sure the massage room is always cleaned and tidy;
  • perform a half hour of light exercise with guests on the sun deck (or in the fitness room in case of bad weather) in the morning, adapted to guests' abilities;
  • help at the front desk when there are no massage sessions and on check-in and check-out days;
  • taking care of work equipment and checking product inventory;
  • accepting values such as optimism, gratitude is a service advantage.

Shopkeeper & Hairdresser
Hairdresser is an expert in hair care and is able to provide guests with high quality service and advice on hair products, treatments and hair care.
As an inspired and well-rounded stylist, he is able to meet the hairdressing and styling needs of both ladies and gentlemen.
We are looking for an organic salesperson in both the hairdressing department and the board store.
They know the stock in the store, including jewelry, and can appreciate the tastes and interests of the passengers.
Always stylish and elegant themselves, they have the grace to match guests' tastes with their own hair services as well as the products available in the store.
Our Hairdressers have previous experience working on land or aboard river or sea vessels as hairdressers.

for the candidate
for the position
Shopkeeper & Hairdresser:
  • training and experience in providing quality hair care services;
  • ability to communicate in German and English;
  • knowledge of French is an advantage;
  • comprehensive approach to hairdressing and hair styling;
  • good communication skills;
  • have commercial skills.
Shopkeeper & Hairdresser:
  • advise the client when styling their hair;
  • offer the best possible look and make customers feel good and leave with a smile on their face;
  • sell a variety of products in the on-board store;
  • deal directly with guests and support the front desk team, especially when guests arrive.