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What is the Silver Stream Course?
This is an online course to prepare attendants for work on European river cruise liners with subsequent official employment.
The course is divided into two blocks: the 1st block — theoretical training, at the end of this block you pass an online test-interview in German, and the 2nd block — preparation of documents for the first cruise.
The total training period for the two blocks — 2-3 months.
What are the requirements for candidates?
-Age from 20 to 43 years old;
-Knowledge of German and English (level not lower than B2) (for cooks it is enough to know only English)
-Ukrainian citizenship
-Work experience in hotels or restaurants (desirable)
-No chronic diseases
-No tattoos on visible parts of the body
- Ability to smile)
When does Silver Stream start enrolling?
Silver Stream Course groups are recruited from June through October each year.
I saw your ad for recruitment of personnel on the river liners in Europe, how to get a job with you, please tell?
On our website you need to click on the button "Book a seat", take the placement test, wait for an invitation to the first webinar of the next Silver Stream course and get a 30% discount on the payment of the first block of the course.
How long after I complete the training course will your crewing agency offer me jobs and invite me for interviews?
Throughout the graduate's life, if he/she (the graduate) needs it. Provided that the graduate has previously behaved professionally on the contract, has not been written off by the employer for a serious violation of work discipline.
What happens if I don't take the online test interview at the end of the first block of training?
If this happens, you will have some time to prepare and take the online test interview again until the Course supervisor confirms that you meet the shipowner's requirements for working on cruise ships.
Is it possible to get my German or English up to the right level in preparation with the help of your tutors?
Not only is it possible, but it will be part of the mandatory training program! Before your first contract on European rivers, we need you to be already fluent in German or English (for cooks). So get ready — you will have to learn it with our tutor. But our desire alone, as you understand, is not enough. You will also need your determination and commitment) Agree?
Can you tell me if the theory without practice will be enough? I have the opportunity to be trained only remotely.
Our graduates are practiced directly on the cruise ship on their first voyage. The first three months of contract work is your practical training. However, if you already have the opportunity to get a job in your city in a hotel or restaurant, your experience will be an additional advantage when we consider your candidacy.
How does the first block of the Course go?
In the first block of the Silver Stream Course you will take webinars and do your homework on various topics for 6 weeks. During the first block you will get basic knowledge of etiquette, art of hospitality, basics of serving and techniques of serving guests at the table, you will learn secrets and tips in Housekeeping, get acquainted with programs for working at the reception, and learn algorithms of life in the ship's kitchen, besides you will have 2 times a week classes with German tutor so you will not relax).
Lessons on the Silver Stream Course are taught by practicing specialists with at least 10 years of experience on cruise ships
After you successfully pass an online test-interview you will get a Certificate of Training for work on river cruise liners.
I want to take your course and get a job on a cruise ship. Since the training is paid, most likely there should be a service contract with full reimbursement of the training costs. I would like to see the text of the contract.
Naturally, you will be contracted to prepare for your first voyage. But only after you have passed the entrance test. It goes without saying that you will fully reimburse us for all the costs of your training. You can find the text of the offer agreement here.
We do not charge for the employment of our graduates.
What vision restrictions are present when working on cruise ships?
It is acceptable for staff to wear glasses and contact lenses while working under contract on a river cruise ship.
The final conclusion on this issue can only be given by an ophthalmologist when you undergo a medical examination.
What about tattoos? I have a whole sleeve of tattoos, does that affect employment?
There will be limitations at the initial stage, because not all river companies are willing to consider such candidates. But, by and large, we find jobs for everyone) Although, the initial position may be lower than that of other graduates who do not have tattoos.
With first-degree flat feet, will I be hired on a contract?
You will get the answer to this question when you take your medical examination.
We have no idea how much of your mobility is impaired by this disease, do we?
Such a question — is it acceptable for personnel on a cruise liner to wear a beard (neat and without fanaticism) or does my face have to be smooth?
And another question, if I have a genetic predisposition to obesity, but now I am still normal, will I be able to make a long career on the liner, if I start to get fat? Wouldn't they write me off ashore?
About the beard — yes, it's allowed.
As for being overweight, the staff has to pass a medical examination every year. You should try not to exceed the body mass index. Body mass index (BMI) is calculated by the formula:
weight (kg) / height x 2 (m2)
For example, the weight of a person is 64 kilograms, and his height is 162 cm. The BMI value in this case is: BMI = 64 : (1.62 x 1.62) = 24.3.
According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), a figure between 18.5 and 25 is considered normal.
Is it possible for people over the age of 43 to get a job on a cruise ship?
Over the age of 43 without liner experience there is a possibility of employment in rank-and-file positions only for those candidates who already have a high level of knowledge of German (and English for cooks) at the time of contacting us.
We do not exclude that you will be able to pass the interview even if you fall outside the age limit, but we cannot guarantee it either.
How does the second block of your course go?
The second block of our Silver Stream course assumes registration of all necessary documents for departure on the first voyage.
We start preparations by drawing up your European level questionnaire (CV), record video CV, create your portfolio for the international catalog, send your questionnaire to all European river cruise companies, arrange interviews with representatives of shipping companies (as many times as necessary), accompany you in the process of drawing up documents after you receive an invitation to work — you will need to pass medical examination and open German work visa, then we give you tickets and a guarantee letter on the road.
And yes, we make sure that you pass your Covid test within the specified time frame before your flight.
All in all, it's a very pleasant worry in anticipation of your Dream come true)
I'm a chef, a baker and a pastry chef — why would I go through training for receptionists or waiters if my profession involves the kitchen?
Your question makes sense. In preparing for the Silver Stream Course and your subsequent employment, your desires for a desired position on a vessel close to your previous job will be taken into consideration. Of course, you will have online classes with our Exclusive Chef while your fellow students will be learning the art of serving and serving guests at the table (or other Hospitality sciences).
And of course, instead of studying with a German tutor, you will improve your English with an English tutor twice a week).
And yes — it is obligatory for chefs when you come to us to show the diploma about profile education and to have at least small experience in a profession (3-5 years)
Tell me, what are the chances of getting a job? What is the approximate percentage?
We don't count our graduates in percentages. Each of our graduates is our own person, with whom we then work throughout his or her career. Everyone is given the opportunity to get a job, moreover, repeatedly.
How long does one have to wait for an interview invitation (approximately) after completing your course? And how many invitations can you get after the course, for example, if the first interview fails?
Recruitment for river cruise ships takes place every year from October through January. We try to prepare you for these dates
It all depends on what caused you to fail the interview. If it's because of trivial excitement, you can arrange an interview with another company within a month. If you were rude to the shipowner's representative, we will never organize an interview for you again.
How long can one contract last?
The contract period on river cruise ships coincides with the navigation period on European rivers — from March 15 to November 15 annually.
Tell me please, my spouse and I want to enroll in your training course. Is it possible to get on the same ship after graduation?

You can ask to go on the same cruise liner with someone only if both of you have successfully interviewed and demonstrated a high knowledge of the specialty, and that someone you are asking for is your husband (wife) and you have a certified copy of your marriage certificate in English on hand. And, of course, you must also successfully complete our Silver Stream course at the same time.
I would like to clarify, is the employment afterwards official? The length of service will go to the employment book? Thank you in advance!
You will work under an official contract (agreement) with a foreign employer, which means that you will not have an employment record in Ukraine. But you, if you want, can easily report your income to the tax office at your place of residence to make contributions to the Pension Fund for the accrual of your future retirement pension. The shipowner, during your contract with him, makes for you deductions on taxes in Germany - as employment is legal, to you still at home, in territory of Ukraine, in embassy of Germany the annual working German visa by request of the shipowner on the basis of the contract on your name with the navigable company is given. Everything is official and legal.
I like the fact that you don't impose or impose your opinion. Cool!!!! You answer questions clearly and concisely. I really want to join your course, I looked at everything and I fit all the parameters!!! Maybe I should take a chance))
Thank you for such a review of our course. And you're wrong about the risk. Preparing for a flight with us is not only safe, but will give you the opportunity to become a worthy candidate and get a promising job in a European company.
Give me a contact for one of your alumni. I want to really talk to someone you've already employed
We don't give out personal information about our alumni — you can read our Privacy Policy here. And you can chat with our alumni, of course. Visit our pages in social networks - there in the comments you will meet them. Keep in mind only that the guys are now until mid-November on contract and do not have time to be constantly online)
In what language do you conduct the training?
Be prepared for the fact that different training modules are conducted in different languages — Ukrainian, Russian, English, German. We prepare you to work in a multilingual environment. You will need this skill very much in the future.
Are there any restrictions on religion for admission to your course?
When selecting candidates to join our Silver Stream Course, we are guided by the requirements of shipowners, as our main goal is your employment with a river cruise company. There are no official restrictions on this. However, from our experience, we already know the following:
If you do not have a biometric passport due to religious beliefs - you can get a German work visa with a regular passport.
If you are an adherent of Islam and perform namaz 5 times a day - you will not have such an opportunity while working on board the liner, we warn you at once.
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