Pacific Crewing Agency (PCA) was founded in 2012 by professionals with experience in the employment of seafarers on foreign ships and in the maritime business

Today Pacific Crewing Agency is a major Ukrainian company in providing employment services for seafarers
Reviews for Pacific Crewing Agency (PCA)
The main principles that guide our work are the high level of service quality that meets all modern standards, and responsibility to seafarers and shipowners

Professional growth and a sailor career are our top priorities

Every year our company grows and increases the number of new partners, as well as the number of employed seafarers

The PCA infrastructure consists of management centers located in Ukraine, Cyprus, Austria, Germany

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine gave our company permission to act as an intermediary between Ship Owners/Ship Managers and Ukrainian and foreign seafarers for their employment on foreign ships and offshore projects
In 2012 Pacific Crewing Agency together with other agencies joined the Association of Ukrainian Crewing Companies
Pacific Crewing Agency was inspected in 2013 and received ISO 9001 "Crew Management" quality certification
In 2016, we launched the Marine Vessel Service Personnel Training Course (in the center of the photo is a director of the Pacific Crewing Agency Elena Lyapina)
In 2021 we launched our online Silver Stream Course - recruitment for work on European river cruise liners (in the center of the photo is a director of the Pacific Crewing Agency Elena Lyapina)
Pacific Crewing Agency (PCA) successfully performs
reliable and quality crewing functions.
Our professional approach, attention to all details,
allows us to meet the expectations
and demands of ship owners for 100%

Our current vacancies:
Why does working with us lead to success?
We take a rigorous but fair approach to the recruitment and training process, periodically evaluate performance, take care to motivate our graduates regardless of their position and offer opportunities for career development.
We have been constantly developing, we participate in forums, international conferences and career fairs in Europe and Asia. Every year we sign new contracts with our foreign partners, expanding employment opportunities for our graduates.
Pacific Crewing Agency values human resources as the basis of its existence and prosperity, so we will be happy to offer excellent career opportunities and permanent work on board and on land to all active, capable and motivated people.