Personnel Training
for work on cruise ships

Online training courses with following employment
We are looking for crew members with following criteria:
  • age: 20-43 y.o.
  • to be citizen of Ukraine
  • to be an intermediate to fluent in English and German
  • to have experience in the Hospitality industry (chef, waiter, maid, receptionist)
  • to be ready and be willing to travel and earn money the same time
  • to be willing to build your career in an international company

This is where your international career begins!

Our leading partner, the Austrian shipping company Amadeus River Cruises,
opens hundreds of vacancies for our service personnel every year.
One of these jobs is yours!

Location of cruises all over Europe: Danube, Dutch and Belgian rivers, Rhine, Main, Moselle or Seine and Rhona-Sona rivers in France.
What you will have: career advancement, wages of 1500 euros/month, legal employment, a full social package - meals, accommodation, uniforms, health insurance, working German visa, transportation to the port of a cruise liner and back home.
Navigation of ships on European rivers is annually carried out from March 15 to November 15.

Dreams come true here! Hear from Amadeus employees why Amadeus is a great place to work. What is like to work with a Talented team, in an International environment with Permanent innovation and a promising professional growth. If you find yourself wondering "Where next?" Join us and shape the future of travel.

List of positions on cruise ships

Silver Stream training courses will help you
to deliver on your plans
You'll get comprehensive training for your first contract
  • Our speakers have at least 10 years of experience on cruise ships and will pass on their knowledge and experience to you
  • Our tutors will help you to improve your German and English skills
  • Our supervisors will give you advices, answer all your questions and assist with your European-standard CV
  • Our agents will find the best job individually for you
  • Our managers will guide you through the paperwork for your first contract

We have extensive experience in training personnel to work on cruise ships
  • We train personnel according to shipowner protocols
  • We are a partner of European cruise companies
  • Since 2012 we are a member of Ukrainian Association of Crewing Companies
  • In 2013 we got ISO 9001 "Crew Management" Quality Certificate
  • We have a State License to legally employ abroad
  • We provide full service and consultancy in preparation of documents for employment

It can be frustrating when somebody else has
YOUR DREAMS to come true.
Don't miss your chance!
Join the Silver Stream training course!

Official work at the reception in Germany on a cruise liner for Ukrainians
Official job as a cook in Europe for Ukrainians
Work on a cruise ship in Europe for Ukrainians
Official work in Germany as a waiter for Ukrainians
Official work in Europe for Ukrainians
Work on a river cruise ship in Europe for Ukrainians
Officially working as a bartender in Germany for Ukrainians
Work for Ukrainians on European rivers
Official employment of Ukrainians on river cruise liners in Europe
Formal employment in Europe for Ukrainians
Careers in international European companies for Ukrainians
official work in an international company for Ukrainians
Silver Stream training course Program
First block of the training course
Take an introductory test
Get 6 modules online preparation
Get access to webinars and lectures
+Language lessons with your tutor twice a week.
Take a final exam as an interview test.

The result:
Your Knowledge
Your Certificate
Your Reference

the cost of this block
15 000 UAH 10 500 UAH

Second block of the training course
We place your CV in an international catalog
We pick a position for you
We send your documents to the cruise company for consideration
We qualify you to the interview with the representative of the cruise company
You get your first contract
You get a medical screening
We prepare a German work visa for you

The result:
Departure and joining the cruise liner crew

the cost of this block
10 000 UAH

Book your place
on the next training course,
take a test
and get a 30% discount!
The next training course will start on October 04, 2021
Employment of Ukrainians in Europe